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Kamis, 28 Februari 2008


Sweet, spoilt and somewhat indifferent so real was seen in himself Nadia Saphira.
Understand the Milly noose actor in the film What's Up With Love that apart from still the adolescent, also was the daughter of the only couple Junaedi Jani and Laela Jani.
However was overturnedto him, Nadia was it was suspected fondling each other with a man who was spread by someone through the internet media.
One of them drop by at-email editorial staff.
In this email most notable clear two photographs of Nadia Saphira and a man that till at this time were not yet known insial him was spending time together.
Nevertheless, Nadia did not yet confirm if that indeed of her

By chance of the gossip hot kiss concerning the circulation of Nadia's photograph indeed was not yet answered.
It was true or not, we just wait the explanation of the further development

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